Treasure coffer implicated in severe private server performance drops

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: None

Placed treasure coffer on second floor of complex structure surrounded by tall walls. Players approaching the base or replacing floor blocks under the treasure room caused server hitching. Spiking reoccurred whenever players approached base. Spiking ended after coffer was removed and server was restarted.

Server log generates messages similar to these whenever such a spike occurs:

[2023.09.25-23.12.06:731][430]Network:Warning: Data: Control (server) sent 113534.0 bytes per second > 10240 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)
[2023.09.25-23.12.06:733][430]Network:Warning: Data: Control (server) sent 467.0 parts per second > 80 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)

It is normal to see the first message (albeit with a much smaller number of bytes sent, typically 20 kb) during regular gameplay when areas are loaded, accompanied by skipped game tics as perceived by the client, but during these periods the issue is severe and prolonged. The second message (too many parts per second) does not seem to occur often.

The server is running on a 1TB SSD and starts very quickly. No issues were noticed prior to the placement of a treasure coffer on the second floor of our player structure.

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Our theory is that this is related to pathfinding data used by the current Purge mechanic. Perhaps the data is being stored alongside the information sent to the client(s) for loading player structures, and the server is taking too long to deserialize it; alternatively, the pathfinding data itself may be getting sent to the clients, which is incorrect behaviour.

One of our experiments pertained to replacing the coffer and then restarting the server. Initially performance was good, but we found that replacing pillars directly under the coffer (specifically, from Stonebrick Pillars to Turanian Pillars) briefly and drastically impacted game performance for all connected clients; afterward, lag spikes resumed, suggesting that bad/bulky data had been cached.

A copy of the saved game files from the server can be found here: http :// rhetori . ca/misc/

The player structure is located in the high desert, north of the Summoning Place, at the border between G5 and G6. The coffer is currently removed, but was located at 3800, 150000, -7960, next to the “Assistant Treasurer” Gazelle pet.

No mods are in use.

This is a clean wipe started on Sept 21.

There were some mods installed when the game was initially created. They have since been removed, and the server binaries were reinstalled with SteamCMD. The original modlist.txt is here: http :// rhetori . ca/misc/modlist.txt.disabled

Good luck getting this sorted out!

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After adding a third player to our game, we found performance drops (of the kind hitherto described) whenever any building occurred if players were not all near the base at the time. The server has no treasure coffer. All players are on LAN and connected internally over IPv4.


Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:

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