Treasure Coffers

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Has anybody built more then 1 treasure coffer?
If so, does it add the total of each coffer? Or does each coffer have its own account?


Good question. Also, was wondering if you can move it once placed? Was going to test it today but well…

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I was able to move one that I placed. Just havent made a second location as of yet to test multiple Coffers.

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Each has its own total (one-person clan, playing locally). I just finished building a second base to implement a proper treasure room. I placed the coffer in the 2nd base, saw the total was zero. Added a few coins into it, and only the coins showed in the ledger, while my first coffer had amphorae, horns, and a tidy sum of coins and dust. Going back to the 1st coffer and it still showed all the pre-existing loot until I emptied it out.


Thanks for confirming!

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