A Question Concerning Treasure, Coffers and their Safety

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Friends I have just downloaded the Age of War, and I breathed a colossal sigh of relief that everything seems to still be there. So my next undertaking will be to build a Treasure Room and a Coffer. Now where in my base I was planning to designate as my treasure/coffer area also happens to be right near my vault and my 4 chests containing legendaries which makes me a little apprehensive. So my question is as follows:

Q: Does anyone know if there are currently any issues with treasure rooms causing non-treasure items, chests and placeables to dissapear within their range?

So far, no… But maybe with chapter 2 they will introduce a new bug to make everything disappear once again :rofl:

Just to be safe, make a separate building for the treasure room! You will be able to transfer everything at a later point, just need to build a new coffer (that’s the only thing that cannot be moved)

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Pheew!! I am so happy to hear that. Thankyou @SpherisCore for being the bearer of good news.

Upon rereading my original post, I feels like I am coming off as being mocking, unkind or derogatory here. However, I just wanted to point out that this was a genuine question, no trolling or insult intended. I just wanted to see if there was any risk or known bugs at this stage before proceeding.

Thanks again SpherisCore!

I was being optimistic (ie. didn’t even consider the possibility that the treasure room emanation from the chest could melt my stuff) and plopped my first treasure chest in the spot where I had space for it - in the middle of a base with my grandmaster benches, and walls full of weapon racks filled with legendaries, and untrained high-tier Thralls (including my one and only Dalinsia Snowhunter on Siptah, courtesy of Khitan traders).

But no, there was no problem with anything disappearing or anything. (That said, I’m on PC Single-Player, which seems to suffer the least from bugs that make things go to digital item heaven).

No issues with the treasure room affecting non treasure stuff. My treasure room’s radius literally covers the entire main building of my base. The only things that have broken since the update are a couple of weapons that now refuse to display on single weapon displays (Sword of Crom and Great Axe of the North). Had some heroic treasure fall through to the floor below and one disappeared for a day (both now working as intended). Also had the Nemedian vanishing act.

I had the same apprehensive feeling about the treasure room as you, and decided to make it unattached only accessible by a bridge from my main base to the entrance, totally separate building. Just in case placing other items near or in the zone may cause some wonkyness, some items were retroactively given the treasure keyword,I also had in mind that a purge will be destroying this building rather than my main base so its kinda like a decoy building, that i dont mind losing. Side question does anybody know if there’s a list of the items that already existed in the game that got the “treasure” keyword added to its description?

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