What to do with the chests?

Sometimes you find a treasurechest or other stuff you have to carry with both hands and have to walk it home. And defeat the DAfari trying to recapture it.
When I reach my base… where to I place it ???
So they don´t vanish

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You need to place a Treasure Coffer in your base first (learn the recipe via Treasure Coffer knowledge in the decoration section. Next time you find a chest, grab it, bring it to your coffer, and put it (left click) near your coffer chest. You will get a lot of points. Be careful that you might get attacked on your way back home :slight_smile:

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Like @bogzulle said you need to fix a treasury. When you are close to your treasury, on PlayStation you hit R1 and it reveals the golden range you can place your statue, by hitting R1 again you place it on the treasury ground and it won’t vanish. Have fun exile :+1:t6:

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fighting bac k the dafaris was fun.
But i placed it in my treasure room. Directly near … look for yourself
ok, I can´t post the pic. But directly beneath the guy with the books, the marvelous gold cat…
but still, it dissappeared, just like the 2 chests before.
What does the radius of treasures mean anyway ?

“radius of treasures” probably refers to the area around the coffer. As you get close to it while holding a treasure and try to place it, a large golden ring will show up around the coffer. The treasure just needs to be placed somewhere inside that ring.

Also, some possible reasons why a treasure might inexplicably disappear:

Someone used the exchange function on the coffer to turn it into gold coins.

The purge got close to your coffer and converted it into gold so they could carry it away.

You can’t just drop it, you need to place it by using the attack button (left-click on PC).

Also, there is, or at least used to be, a bug that caused placeable treasures to fall through the floor. I haven’t seen that happen personally, but back in Chapter 1 I saw several reports of the problem.

Good point. This is how I lost the first of my treasures - I thought it was good enough to plop it down.

You have to make a clan vault

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