Treasure Duplication Glitch On Xbox Series X

I found out if you go into creative mode befor placing down your treasure it will let you continuesly place treasure down. I only had one Guilded Harp, One Guilded Urn and one Bountiful Treasure Chest.

It let me keep placing more as shown in this image and each one counted to my amout in the coffer as you can see in the other image. Not only that I could fly with the treasure in my hands and teleport with it as well. The Harp and Urn were found in chests so I didn’t have to carry them like I had to with the Bountiful Treasure Chest and went into my inventory.

Not only that the harp, Urn and Chest always stayed in my hands and inventory as I placed them down so it was duplicating the original ones.

You can also duplicate the other ones that you duplicated as well and keep doing it indefinitely. There is no end to how many times you can do it unless you run out of room.

That’s not a ‘glitch’ that’s how creative mode works. It requires admin privileges to use, but lets you place anything that you have access to for free, enabling you to get creative and make great works of art.

That’s understandable. But treasure is not building pieces or it would be in with the decorations. I can also duplicate blood crystals for making golems when in creative mode and not use up a single one.


You can duplicate anything in creative mode… you’re in creative mode…

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