Tried pulbic server

I started a character on one of the official public servers the other day. I made my run to the starter area and when I got there I was surprised to see huge bases everywhere. Is this the norm on public servers? I have to say it really turned me off to playing anything other than single player. It made the world feel small and over populated instead of being a dangerous wilderness. It completely killed the immersion.

It depends on server. As for me I prefer some private server with Admin and some mods that I like. Some official servers are a real living hell 'cause there are no admins and some players are abusing others, especially on PVE servers - for example building walls everywhere which can’t be destroyed. So I’d advise to look for a private one/


Try a few different official servers within your ping-connection area before you give up on them. You may find one which has a mix of people which suit you.

I’ve been on the same official PvE server since shortly after launch … there are some large bases in the starting area but not so much that there is a lack of space for new players to build their own holding … even out of sight of other players.
My main base is down near narrowneck span for example as I liked the view and could build my house out in the river. But there is plenty of space to the east for others to build or west of narrow neck span and on the islands and land opposite me.


Each Official server has its own life. When we first started we played 3 servers, and settled on the one with the least immature players.

If you have that many big bases in the noob area, then you must have a lot of older players still on the server.
We are the longest clan on our server.

Public maprooms at obilisks and bridges is a good indication of a good server.

Respectful environments attract respectful people.

Try always making a beeline to the sinkhole to assess a server’s integrity, and say hi on global.

Some servers are front-loaded, with lots of noob structures in the south but little in the north.

Other servers are back-loaded, with lots of elite structures around volcano and the highlands, but little in the desert.


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All the official servers have people playing on them at some point or another. Many of those servers are quite active. If you wish to play official that is something you may have to accept. A large player base is what attracts some folks to play on these particular servers. There are many private servers with almost no players, some even run on official settings. Try some different ones out, I know your experience matches my thoughts when I first started playing multiplayer. Today I prefer the multiplayer experience to solo in this game. Good luck on your search.