Trouble connecting to authentication server

Ever since the 14th anniversary update I’ve had troubles logging into the game as most of the time it ends up timing out on the “Connecting to the authentication server…”

The strange part is that sometimes I am able to log in without issue, but then an hour later I can’t log in and can’t connect to the authentication server. And whether I can log in or not is completely random, sometimes I try logging in 20 times with no luck, but then the next day I can log in again first try.

I thought the issue was maybe with my internet, but using vpns or different wifi makes no difference. I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling, tinkering with the firewall, flushing the dns, resetting my wifi, but nothing seems to work.

Was wondering if anybody had any idea what the problem might be and what solutions there might be, if any. Thanks I’m advance for any help.

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