Troubles in Cistern, Main System, Catacombs

2020-11-29: As there is an obvious work-around (duh!), re-classified the first issue as a “complication” instead of a bug.

The following issues were noted on Nov 21st, so they refer to the version installed with the November-20 hotfix.

Issue #1 (complication): Main System inaccessible from Cistern

Main System can no more be accessed through Cistern. The work-around is to first exit Cistern and form the group anew. The new group finder then allows access, if the group members satisfy the requirements.

Original text (reported as a bug):
With a group of 80+51+51, having just cleared Cistern, we attempted to enter Main System via the internal gate between Cistern and Main.

None of the group members were able to get into Main System; all got the new group finder UI when clicking the in-between gate, but the options for doing anything else except “Leave” were dimmed.

The Group Finder showed each person as “checked [X]” in The Cistern, i’m guessing that was the reason why the other options were not available.

Issue #2 (BUG): Loot options

In-dungeon (Cistern), we can not change loot options within a group entered through the new group finder.

Issue #3 (complication): Deserter debuffs

When entering purist Catacombs through the group finder, one person became stuck inside, at left wall at the entrance, after porting in and could not move. /stuck did not help, and /camp removed him from the group. After deciding to regroup, some of us left through the door (instead of using vote-for-retreat), and they got the Deserter debuff.

Because of these Deserter debuffs, we could not re-queue ourselves neither into Catacombs, nor to AOK.

==> IMO the Deserter debuffs should not be applied at all, in these 6-man dungeons.

Issue #4 (complication): Dungeons without resurrection pad

Cradle of Decay, Cistern, Catacombs, and Halls of Eternal Frost do not have a resurrection pad in-dungeon.

With the new group finder mechanics, dead players can no more use out-of-dungeon resurrection pads, as that would instantly remove them from the group, with no possibility to re-enter that instance.

Issue #5 (complication): Ongoing dungeons not enterable for new players

For the dungeons accessible through the new group finder, it seems that new players can not join ongoing dungeon groups. This could be rather inconvenient for long dungeons such as Black Castle and Main System, where players may need to leave early and/or be replaced.

Issue #6 (complication): Dungeon visibility

Higher-level purist dungeons are not visible for low-level characters. This would make it hard to join a dungeon just for the boss achievements, or even helping to form a purist group.

As a concrete use case, i actually finished my purist achievement by joining Black Castle at level 27 (being the only healer there); I’m guessing that this is no more possible with the current GF.

Issue #7 (complication): auto-kick of last player in a dungeon

When entering a dungeon (such as Cistern) in a private group, if others leave and you are the last remaining person in the group, you get the message “you need to join the group or you will be kicked from the playfield”, and get thrown out.

IMO, that is not at all needed (for any character) in these kinds of low-level dungeons.


Honestly with the ability to take lower level toons into these dungeons taken away I would rather have the new group finder removed from the game. These issues you have listed make it even worse. I can find a group to do purist without all the new rules the group finder has forced on me. Take this crap out.


Yeah, sounds very much like the group finder causes far more problems than it solves.
Until all the issues with the group finder are fixed, the game is probably better off without it - or at least if should be 100% optional to use the group finder.

Apart from bugs, it adds too many restrictions to gameplay, preventing people from doing dungeons the way they want to - making the game less fun.

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As I have stated many times before, remove the group and raid finder from the game.

The problem I think is due to the fact that not all players had done the quest to enter the Main System directly.
The prerequisite of having done the quest should be eliminated, as was done in the past, such as the keys to W1 and 2 to enter W3 or the key W3 to enter T3

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