Treasury & Slaughterhouse cellar epic broken

Both treasury of the ancients and Slaughterhouse cellar Epic versions are broken, they are not allowing groups to enter, you end up alone. Thats not intended, the mobs are epic group difficulty, something must have broke it at some point. There might be more solo(normal) / group(epic) dungeon-hybrids that share this bug who knows. Pls fix volvo

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Feels like we have to do a complete audit after Onslaught happened :nerd_face:

yeah also thought it could have to do with onslaught, going in there as raid didnt solve it either :frowning:

btw mods can move it to bug reports, I wasnt aware that section existed

Last time I checked, they were broken for over 8 years now, same with attillius mansion. A GM was able to let us enter in a group but that was 8 years ago as well, seeing that the live support already needs 4 months to respond I doubt you will get a response from a GM for such issue.

Yes, it’s not something new, I remember that this bug was reported also in the old forum, so it was quite a while ago.

make hox pvp 39 twinks great again, fix treasury!

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Yeah it’s been a handful of years, probably 8-9. You can solo them with a DT or BS if you want though :stuck_out_tongue: (just don’t overpull and take it slow). At least Attilius and Slaughterhouse I’ve done several times recently. It’s only really fun the first time though, when you have to figure out the spec/gear (no t6 in my case) you need.