Allow groups in Epic Mode of Attilius Mansion and Slaughterhouse Cellar

Attilius Mansion (Tarantia Commons) and Slaughterhouse Cellar (Thunder River) dungeons are solo dungeon even in epic mode. If a group tries to enter in epic mode, all players will be splitted in different instances.
I doubt the epic version of those dungeons were intended for solo, even cause the large amount of trash mobs, so I think it was a mistake, a bug, something not working as intended.
Except allowing groups in epic mode, there would be nothing to adjust in the epic gameplay and it could be a low cost idea to refresh an old content.

P.s: …and even a way to find a place where to put the “handpainted column” recipe (architect recipe - pillar in aquilonian style), one of the few decoration recipes none was able to find in years (I wouldn’t be surprised if the recipe was in the game and really epic Attilius would drop it).

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You used to be able to enter both those instances as a group. I think in either epic or normal mode.
I think that this stopped when Funcom fixed an exploit regarding solo instances being reset when they shouldn’t have been able to be reset. (I know we aren’t meant to be specific with exploits, not sure if this applies to ones that have been resolved. Hence not detailing it.)

I’m not sure about this but if it’s like you say, then the initial fix of the funcom did not work, apart from breaking the instance.
Attilius Mansion and Slaughterhouse Cellar do not require quests to enter (even if there are quests), the quests go on CD for 20 hours but the instance can be visited continuously and without quests, the killing of the bosses does not send them on CD, so much more there are people doing grinding of kittens there.
I myself have been farmed my kittens on my characters for the arena, when was added, for the achievement, so I have tested this thing myself.

Yes, it was possible to enter in group even in normal mode. I did several runs there back in the day, to help a friend reach lvl 80 faster with one of his alts.
I don’t remember exactly when they “fixed” it, but indeed it doesn’t make any sense to have an epic dungeon and not to be able to enter as group. Typical funcom… :crazy_face: