Cannot Enter Dungeons

Have a private team of 6. We meet all requirements for the dungeons we attempt. Had no issues entering dungeons before the new patch. Now this new “Group Finder” refuses to allow us to enter dungeons. It keeps saying “Someone in your party is not level 80.” Well of course we aren’t level 80.

I understand that this is a “Known Bug.” I’m writing this so maybe Funcom will realize it’s a major issue effecting many people and perhaps they will actually try to fix it before my group and others moves onto another game.


A question, can you enter a dungeon like we did before this dungeon finder, or do we now have to use it to enter? I will try later when I’m online.

I have solo sanctum before and taken people through as an 80 so they can get gear or finish the quests

Trying to farm a recipe, I was able to enter Cistern in a private group, as a solo-80.

Cistern has no internal resurrection pad, so i decided to test what happens when i die there.
Even though i had killed the first 2 bosses, and got the message “you are now bound to the instance”, the system kicked me out from the dungeon, and i was not able to re-enter that same instance.

Then i tried the same thing with a private group of 2 level-80s, killed one boss, and then let one character die. After choosing to resurrect outside the dungeon (the only option), it was kicked from the group.
Moreover, the toon that was still in dungeon, and alive, got the message “you need to rejoin the group, or be kicked from the dungeon”. The dead toon was not able to rejoin the group, so the alive toon was kicked out. This happened even if no boss fight was going on.

If group members in Cistern (or Catacombs … or any other dungeon without an internal resurrection pad) die mid-fight … it would certainly add to the challenge, if the remaining persons need to manage the fight and then resurrect the dead within the dungeon … but it might really raise the difficulty to a somewhat inappropriate level.

So, please take this point also into consideration, when designing and fixing the operation of the dungeon mechanics.

Can’t get into your favorite dungeons?

sounds like an opportunity to partake in the PvP festival :wink:

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