Any way to avoid using group finder to enter dungeons?

We have been trying to do the leveling dungeons, and if a person crashes, it removes them from group and they cannot re-enter. We had cleared like half the dungeon in some cases. You used to be able to walk into dungeons at any level.

Why are the dungeons locked like this? Why are you forced to use the group finder?

Why dont you just use the dungeon entrance?

I think it forces u to use the dungeonfinder window when u select to enter the normal version of a level dungeon. Even when we were 6man premade it forced us to que uff

Just another example of the bad decision making at Funcom HQ. Not all dungeons are tied to group finder but the ones that are, you have to go through GF to enter. even if you go to the main entrance. So dumb.

Dungeon entrances don’t work anymore for those added to group finder :frowning: Which is very dumb, some of those don’t even have a respad inside.