Group finder and other messed up stuff

i, like many have had issues with the known “not level 80” group finder bug. i frequently take my friends and guildies through dungeons from sanctum to atzels for gear and xp. we do this with 1 level 80 escorting various lower toons. this is now impossible.

we have been doing sanctum at level 35 for years… thats when you get the quests for that dungeon. so why is it restricted to level 37+?

we attempted to run crows nest today. it isnt even on the group finder. i was in killing trash mobs on my bear to test his build. later, two of my guildies attempted to join me and return there. we couldnt get into the same instance together. after a short time, they were ported out of the dungeon. now, why would a dungeon that isnt even on the group finder be messed up by this foolishness?

dont make group finder the ONLY way to get into dungeons. its not like RF is the only way to do raids… that would cause problems, just like the current group finder is causing problems.