True Indigo, A Seedy Problem


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When harvesting True Indigo, I get Midnight Blue Seed and True Indigo Foliage. Midnight Blue plants yield Midnight Blue Seeds and Midnight Blue Foliage. This is not on occasion, but every time.

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Add to that I don’t think you can grow yellow lotus from the seeds can you? Still waiting for Fun con to finish the game as it is…

get names right, materials, weights, see the nameplates right away of those attacking you, etc.


This was reported as a Bug quite some time back. Not the most important thing, but it would be nice to be able to grow the Indigo plant, as it looks fiery in some lights. Glad you brought it up again.


Did you use potent compost for the Yellow Lotus?


Yeah, True Indigo plants and ferns would be a great addition to the landscaping.


“We just sat and waved, sittin on that sack of seeds.”
From a song you never heard of.

We just picked a peck of indigo plants, and the wrong seeds. Good thing we have a stash


I still do not understand why funcom only place one sprig of Midnight Blue, Azura’s Glory and Leavening agent in those containers. A full planter of color would be a blessing in the lands.


yes, you can, simply put them in planters with normal compost, not the potent one. They work like basic plants.


Ok the yellow lotus and crimson lotus seeds require potent compost as suggested. Never made it before but got a bunch off of the Halloween event. Normal compost has never worked for the lotus seeds and I gave up on them forever ago. Just tested and they definitely use only potent compost, I just need to look up how to make that now. They do not work like basic plants I guess they are more advanced plants or something requiring the potent compost.

They do need to fix the highland berries that expire where one is always left of each stack with no expire any more in the planters, the press and other places. I believe the Dessert berries do the same just like the potions of lost souls did after the event where one of each stack was all that was left(total BS to me btw). I saved so many in the freezer for no reason.

They have so much to fix in this game… I agree that a single sprig is ridiculous even if they grow singularly a bunch in a pot would look better. I like how the red plant you harvest underwater(forget the name of it) in the planter still looks and moves like its underwater still in the planter.


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