Cant grind crimson lotus flowers

Says it all, At this time you’re unable to grind crimson lotus flowers for powder.


I can´t grind them either.

Same here. I can grind frost and grey flowers, but not crimson in any amount. I have yet to find black, purple, and golden.

On live I just ground some Yellow lotus fine. This will probably not work tomorrow then.

Grinding yellow does work fine. Crimson is the one that doesn’t work.
Also, no lotus seeds other than yellow will grow in a planter.

No, other lotuses grow fine. They just require potent fertilizer instead of regular.

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I haven’t tried yet, but have you tried growing them in an Improved Planter or just the regular one? Curious for future use.

Yes I have. I first tried in the best planter, it didn’t work so I tried the others. None work.
Maybe it will work tomorrow though, who knows what all they’re going to fix and break with the day one patch?

Good to know, thanks for the tip.

Oh you’re right, thanks Ran-san. I was wondering what blood and ash were good for.

No problem. I was playing around with it on my terrace garden prior to the server wipe, since I had nothing to lose.

As a side question: What is the difference in the planters? The amount produced, or the growing time?

The growing time is the only difference I’ve noticed. I mostly grow berries, I get 50 per seed regardless of which planter I use. And 25 leavening agent. I make a lot of wine.

My first thought when the lotus wouldn’t grow was "what was the POTENT fertilizer was for.

I’ve seen that conversation went totally offtopic…

Well, this bug still persist. It’s impossible to grind crimson lotus to powder, which makes creating some potions also impossible. Any ideas?

No, still unable to grind the crimson lotus flower.

I have no problem to found enough, to grow them, but i’m unable to grind my needed powder.

All other lotus are working well. It’s just the crimson one ! But it’s needed for several prepartions.

New update, still not taken care of. Several potions unable to be created because of this. I don’t believe it’s that hard to fix it. Funcom, guys?

yep, still nothing…

There’s no entry in the table for it (I checked in the dev kit). Until they add one, it can’t be done.

It would take all of 1 minute to fix, but the overhead of issuing patches and testing is likely the reason why they are bundling all these fixes into one big patch.

I don’t think it helps at all but my private server was affected by the mod issue that caused pretty much everything in my base to despawn and after restoring a backup from the day earlier I noticed that the crimson lotus flowers I had left in my grinder were now in the powder. I gathered some more in order to check but my game still doesn’t queue it up to be ground so I’m not sure how it came about.