Unable to make crimson lotus powder from the flower

Game mode: Online and singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

Bug is preventing me from making crimson lotus powder, so no way to get the item, or make recipes that require it, unless there’s a different method to making it compared to other lotus powder or something.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Acquire Crimson lotus flower
  2. Place Crimson lotus flower in Grinder
  3. Wait for crimson lotus flower to grind into crimson lotus powder
  4. observe that no powder is ever made, nor crimson lotus flowers consumed
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I have the same issue. Nor can I harvest them with anything except my hands and no seeds gathered.

Concur, can’t grind Crimson Lotus flower into Crimson Lotus Powder. On PC SP PVP version 98222 / 17925.

I agree, same problem with Crimson Lotus Flowers.

I can harvest them, have planted some in advanced pots, but grinding them in powder doesn’t work for me.

All other Lotus flower with exception of Crimson Lotus are well grindable and give me the desired powder.

No response from devs? Hey Funcom! This is a serious issue for players who game in official servers. We can’t just spawn it in (I wouldn’t if I could). This seems like a super simple fix and needs to be addressed immediately if not sooner! How am I supposed to get any type of build and defend my base without being able to use a slew of elixirs? Either fix this simple issue or take crimson out of the game and replace it with something that players can acquire, even if it’s a difficult grind. Puh-leeeeeeeez!?


I don’t know why devs are insisting on not fixing crimson lotus powder bug. It doesn’t seem big deal yet this bug has been there for a long time.

Just checked in game and for me on PC SP PVP all lotus flowers are all grinding fine, including crimson.