Crimson Lotus cannot be grinded to dust

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [I guess all.]

Uhm, I dont remember wether I reported that in those patch threads but recalled wanting to report that issue.
Crimson lotus cannot be grinded to dust.
Thus a lot of potions cannot be crafted, nor can the decoration plant be crafted. (Even the recipe is missing, even though all other lotus plants can be crafted; and all other lotuses can be grinded down.)
Please fix.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Visit Braga and pick a few crimson lotus.
  2. Go back to your grinding station (i.e. where coins get grinded to silver/gold dust, where other lotuses get grinded to their dusts, where stone gets grinded to salt and lots of else plants get grinded to spices) and throw the crimson lotus in.
  3. Wonder why it wont be grinded down.
  4. Be disappointed because of not being able to craft lots of different potions.

I agree, there are several older treads speaking about this bug. This needs a fix.

Just now we’re unable to grind our crimson-lotus flowers to the needed powder. The powder is needed for different potions and stuff. Have a lot crimsons lotus waiting in my grinders. :unamused:

If you are on a moderated server, try asking the server admin to exchange your lotus flower for powder. I do this on my server. :slightly_smiling_face:

that’s not the isssue, i’m the admin of my server, but it’s simply not the way it should work.
Sure you can spawn in all, but again, it’s not intended so. :wink:

No, and this needs a fix ofcourse! I just wanted to give you a workaround until they fixed it. :wink: Harvesting with sickles doesn’t work either for red lotus.

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