[Bug/Issue] Bug and issue with lotus flowers

Game mode: Private server, May 8th patch
Problem: Bug/Misc

Free text:
Fist of all, Crimson lotus can’t be grind for powder. And all potions required powdered lotus. That’s make impossible to brew any potions that requires crimson lotus.

And second. I already posted it on another section of forum, asking for help. I was googling for 3 days in internet, in case some one figured it out. And i was exploring myself for 3 days, around 9 hours in total.
I couldn’t find grey lotus be grown anywhere at all. Been in every single points of interest on the map. None have grey lotuses grown around.
Was fairly easy to find every other type of lotus, (even black lotus). But grey lotus it seems just not grown anywhere in game right now.
The only place you can find grey lotus is loot chests in Arena. And it usually 2-3 flowers.

Repro steps:

  1. Harvest Crimson lous
  2. Try and put it into grinder to make powder
  3. Observe is it doesn’t work