Crimson Lotus Flowers can’t be harvestet with a sickle, once harvested with a different tool, they can’t be grinded with the grinder

Game mode: [ALL]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [ALL]

Crimson Lotus Flowers can’t be harvestet with a sickle, and more importantly once you harvestet them with a different tool, once you put them into a grinder they don’t get grinded into powder as they should which is really unfortunate since it makes a good bunch of Elixirs and Potions unobtainable.

This bug is known since at least two or three months now, it has been posted several times in different forums including this one, but nothing has happened yet, I am not into Programming but I cannot imagine it being to much work to fix these issues, especially since all the other Lotus Flowers/Powders work just as intended.

Building Charakters in Conan Exiles isn’t as deep as in other games, you don’t have as much possibilities. Elixiers are a nice tool to overcome this issue and are an important tool if you want to get the maximum out of your charakter, so you should finally take a few hours (I don’t think it would take more than a single hour tbh.) to fix this/these problem(s) in order to fix/enable at all the whole Elixier/Potion system.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log in on any official Server
2.Try to harvest Crimson Lotus Flower with a sickle
3.Watch as the bush dissapears without getting any items
4.Harvest it with another tool eg. Axe, Pick or bare Hands
5.Put those Crimson Lotus Flowers into a grinder
6.Watch as nothing happens
7.Be reaaly dissappointed that half of the Elixir-System is not working since three out of seven Elixiers require the Crimson Lotus Powder which play a big role in high-end-builds.