Try Something New | Warlock Warz Magic Duel Arena Event!

This isn’t really a server recruit message (though once you see it you wont want to leave) This is more a one time Event notice.

My server Warlock Warz: Chaotic Kingdoms is hosting a weekly event.

Our Arena is built to withstand the powerful Magic of our Warlocks.

It also has no Land Claim on it. The purpose of this event is to be the first team to get to the opponents side of the Arena and enter the loot door.

However, building supplies are placed on the map and each team can fortify their side to make entering the door very difficult.

The first team to enter the door and the Portal beyond will get all the loot. If you are in a Kingdom (Order or Chaos) you can
use the loot to build up your Castle. So, please, give it a try, if anything, you will get a break from the usual Conan Lore. Here is the server connection info:
Connect: steam://connect/