TSW in MY CoH? It's more likely than you think!

I’ve recreated the Lumie warehouse in the City of Heroes base builder. The scale and the lighting don’t quite translate perfectly – nevermind the other features and limitations and items that are not available to me (like… traffic barrels and concrate barriers). But I wanted the warehouse to be as faithful as possible. Eventually, I plan to include and expand upon the rest of the Labyrinth. But that probably won’t be done anytime soon.

It took me about a week to build. I’m sure there are other little details I could add and space I could fill, but I declare it done for now.

Homecoming cluster, Everlasting server, base code TEAMBLUE-8337, if you would like to drop in personally. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yes, the tunnel to the Labyrinth proper is mirrored. Again, scale, and the way the room sits on my base plot means I have to expand it in a different direction.


Looks absolutely fantastic. I always sucked at base building in CoH.

You gotta send that to the devs. I imagine they would love to see it. <3

That is so damn AWESOME.