4.6K And Other Base Example Walkthroughs. :)

Scattered throughout the previous months or maybe years maybe, the number of people wanting to know how many pieces does a decent sized base make has not been insignificant. Although most of them specifically have likely already answered it for them selves I thought it would be nice to start a thread of base walkthroughs so that these numbers became more visibly referenceable to people still wondering or who might question it in the future.

Besides, I was bored and didn’t feel like hacking on the wonderous and interesting creatures all around. :smiley: So, if you have such a walkthrough or wanna make one please post it up here in this thread. I would love to see what you guys are building too! Just be sure to check in the clan window and let us know the the total number of pieces it took to build your masterpiece. Here’s mine:

There’s a couple of nice ones in this thread too with a 1K build followed by a 1.5k base - (although they’re just still images):


Youtube seems to have compressed some parts of that beyond all recognition. Here’s one from my server. Might have to wait a sec after clicking it tho:


Edit: Goodness, I think I have to stop recording with HDR turned on. This looks like an over saturated mess when played back from that link. Dang-it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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