"Turanian Sloped Room Corner Curved" won't stick to "Turanian Wall Rounded"


I recently purchased the Turan Expansion set from the Black Lotus Bazaar and have found a few bugs while attempting to utilise the set, but none are more frustrating than trying to build a curved roof on the rounded wall it’s designed to go on.

I’ve deconstructed everything, built on a single foundation with only a “Turanian Wall Rounded” to check it’s not a stability issue. I’ve also held down the fixed-point button to no avail.

The curved roof will stick just fine to a straight wall, as well as the floor but that’s part of the issue. The curved roof will stick to anything and everything in it’s general vicinity EXCEPT " Turanian Wall Rounded".

If I log in to single-player and go into creative mode, I can place the curved roof on the curved wall but not without an extrenuous amount of effort and only while several feet in the air looking straight down.

But as it is, I am in an Official PvE server and can’t pull that kind of trick in game.

I thought I had found a solution where if I stick a straight wall next to a corner wall, then I can “trick” the rounded roof to go on, but once I delete the straight wall, the curved roof is deleted with it.

I was really looking forward to using this building set, but as is I’m afraid I’ll have to wait.

(also the tent door doesn’t fit into the tent door-frame)


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