Turan Expansion is broken

The round Turan expansion pieces are almost impossible to place on roof tiles. There is always at least one piece that won’t log into the proper rotation or spot.
I have played Conan for 3600 hours and I think I know the building system very well. None of the tricks I used in the past to work around problematic building pieces (like inverted triangle walls on wedge layouts for example) just don’t work with the round doors or walls of the Turan expansion.
Other pieces of the expansion are problematic as well, like the corner Pillars having to be placed before the adjacent walls. But nothing is as messy as the round parts.


I’ve been able to do it, but it is very hard and weird. You actually have to aim for the outside left or right side, then rotate it back into place.


Yes, this I figured out as well. It seems as if the rotation anchor for the round parts is the corner but for the new pillars is the center which is leading to strange behaviors for both.
Yet even though this technique appears to be reliable in building on foundations, I am often not able to rotate it back to place when it comes to placement specifically on ceilings.

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