Can't place roof corners - with video


as you can see in the video I can rotate the bloc but it only shows 3 position instead of 4 for some reason. I tried on all 4 corners… I don’t get it.

Why ?

Thank you !

For the video, search youtube for : Conan Exiles - 08112018

i stopped watching your video after 15 sec.

i had exactly the same thing happening with my last base, and this is normal, it’s because you don’t have enough stability to allow this piece of building to be placed the fourth way.
Take a repair hammer and have a look at your ceiling stability and you’ll see it’s 20.

Simple solution is to place some pillars under this ceiling or the ceilings around it, BUT it also depends on the stability of other pieces all the way up to the top of your constructiion.

i will give a further look at your video to check if you provided a genearal view of your entire structure, so i can probably tell you if there is enough stability where your base starts as well.

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ok i watched the entire video and it’s good you took a general view of your base.
As expected, stability issue.
It will be hard to fix without killing your design, it’s sad funcom didn’t allow these wooden beams to provide some kind of stability as well, it would help a great deal here…
As i said before, place pilars under the ceiling at each corner of your structure going from the top to the ground (4 very long pilars in total). Sure your design won’t be so good anymore, but it will still be more than descent and you’ll get your roof done. But i hope you’re not planing on building a complete roof here, because you’ll be missing some stability in the middle as well and you’ll probably need to place pilar right in the middle of your base.

i think there are mods in steam to make building in conan more flexible, but if you’re playin on console…i’m afraid you don’t have that many options available.

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