Roof corner possibly bugged

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I’m having difficulty placing roof pieces, and I dont believe it to be a stability issue. I have a row of sloped pieces going around 4 sides of a building, but I cant place the corners properly. I can place them in the appropriate tile, but it will only allow me to place it in 2 rotating positions, neither of which is the correct position. I’ve tried putting a ceiling tile in the corner for added support and that doesnt help either. It seems to me that the building aspect of this game needs a LOT of attention still…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build 4 walls

I’m not sure this information could help you, but, I’ve encountered that sometimes, The point where you want to place a corner or even a normal straight roof piece gets bugged. I solve it by 2 ways: Or I re-log, or I walk far away until my build disappears -out of draw distance- in both cases when I return the piece is placeable, of course if it is not a estability issue. Other importan thing I’ve noticed. If the point where you want to put a roof is colindant with other roofs, those roofs may be blocking the space, so destroying the blocking pieces will allow you to place your corner, and then the destroyed piece afterwards. Hope it helps. Have fun and Happy Halloween :smiley:

Have you used a repair hammer to verify the top of the wall/foundations you are placing it on have at least 40 stability? Also to piggyback on what Armel said, sometimes the slopped roofs will be a collision for a corner, and unfortunately youll have to delete on of the sloped roofs, place the corner, then add the sloped roof again, I have this issue with fences occasionally where it will act like I cant place, I destroy a nearby fence and then I can place both.

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