Unable to place roof pieces

Game mode: [Online
Problem: bug
Region: North America

I have 10 pieces left to put to finish a Khitan house and I cannot place them. I tried from different angles, above or from below and the only choice available is like in the image. I destroyed a few roof pieces and retried but still same issue. Any info on what to do is appreciated.

Maybe check the stability of the roof you are building by using a Repair Hammer, if stability is below 40, you can’t place anything there, this is more than likely the cause.

I recently did a roof using Yamata roofing big building went up 4 plus pieces used ceiling tiles and pillars brought them up another set of ceiling tiles etc. Give something to snap to used repair hammers could remove some for stair access. Some times would not stick come back later and bam go right in place. Good luck

I’ve had an issue with building a base in offline co-op where the very last piece of roofing right in the middle couldn’t be placed. People often suggest to check the stability which I haven’t done yet as I haven’t played the game since but I find it funny that all of the other pieces (about 90 tiles) could be placed just fine yet the very last one to finish won’t align itself to be placed.

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