Could somebody knowledgeable with building towers and stability related issues assist me?

One of the things I enjoy about CE is the building aspect. That’s why I mostly play on PvE servers, I love to build, and I don’t really feel like losing it all because somebody is bored, and/or I can’t be logged on during raiding times.

With that said, I also like to see what others have built, so I can learn from it, and also get ideas as to what I’d like to do for future builds. The other day I saw a really nice tower in a video, where it started off small at the base, but once it was a certain height in the air it started expanding out. I figured I would try something similar. Everything was fine, except one tiny issue. I cannot place 2 pieces of thatch roofing tiles on the top. Let me explain my build, but I’m also including photos in case it helps.

I started the base off with the standard 6 triangle foundations. Then, I placed 6 square ones around that, then 6 more triangular ones to fill in the blacks. The first portion of the tower, which is mostly the staircase leading up, is 8 walls in height. Once we reach the top of that, I then extended the floors outward by 2 more rows. I believe those who are familiar with building circular towers will know what I mean here.

This area I was going to make my “living” area. I built it 6 walls high from there, and the outer walls expand out one row further than the walls of the bottom portion, leaving the outer row open for people to walk outside, or place archers. I put floors and everything inside, got the stairs climbing all the way from the ground to the top. Everything is going together perfectly.

To ensure stability, I then placed pillars on the inner 6 foundations, all the way to the top. I also placed walls all around the pillars, just to help it look a bit neater. Everything on it looks nice, I’m actually quite content for a first time attempt at something like this, well, except for those damned thatch roofs.

When I use my hammer to check stability, it claims that area right around it has a stability of 20. Ok, fine, I can deal with that. The problem is, I have no idea how to correct it. I thought the 6 center pillars would actually do the job, but nope, they don’t help. I technically didn’t even need them for the floors, I only did it in hopes it would fix this roofing issue. I tried placing pillars at key points on all living floors to see if that helps, but nope, nothing. I cannot do a single thing to fix this. What confuses me the most is that this tower is as perfectly circular as you can get in CE. Every piece is the same all around it, except maybe 2 door frames. The door frame to the upper “balcony” as I like to call it was directly under the problem section, so I tried changing that. Still nothing.

So, yeah, I don’t want to give up, I’d like to see what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it. Part of me is also hoping that maybe it’s a glitch, or that stability isn’t working right, because I would honestly like to build something like this with less pillars. Anyway, here’s the photos if it helps give a visual, I took them from the base, some of the inside, all the way up to the problem area. If anyone could help me, that would be awesome. :smiley:


To add a tiny reply, I decided to try filling in those final two floors with pillars, since they’re going to be closed off anyway. I just have them open to reach the top easier. Well, after placing the pillars down, I’m able to place the top thatch piece, but that downward triangular piece just does not want to go where it belongs.

Nevermind, I got it all figured out. If there’s a way to delete threads, I’d like to delete this one. Sorry for the clutter. >_<

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