Turn anti-aliasing on and off


It looks clearer after closing ?????

Look at the stick the skeleton is impaled on in your AA OFF image…

I don’t know what kind of AA CE uses but if it’s FXAA the overall picture can look a lot more blurry than without it though edges look smoother.

I see the stick

I’m talking about the clarity of the body

Yes it is also smoothed(blurry), your image doesn’t really contain much contrasts, try using an example with thralls in colorful armor in surroundings with fx placeable, plants and trees showing high color contrasts, then I can guarantee you that while it looks softer with AA, it will most likely look less jagged on edges and a whole lot better.

Look better ON

There’s something wrong with the graphics settings in this game…has been from day one. There really isn’t much noticeable difference in the picture setting the graphics from medium to ultra. The only real difference we’ve seen is going below medium. It’s the same deal on AMD vs Intel and ATI vs Nvidia systems. I have the Intel/Nvidia system, my buddy has the AMD/ATI system.
I probably mentioned it in a post waaay back, but like so many other problems this game has, it hasn’t been dealt with.

Depends on what is set to medium or high (ultra)

When medium has 2k textures and high has like 4k textures you barely notice any difference since 2k is already detailed.

But when effects are lowered you’ll notice it very quickly (for example lightning/partecles ad such)

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I see what you’re saying. That makes sense if it’s set that way. The human eye doesn’t see a great deal of difference between 2k and 4k which is why I won’t buy anything 4k after seeing side-by-side vids demonstrating that. Plus, there are a lot of variables involved.
I based my comment on the noticeable differences between medium, high, and ultra on all my other games.

How to solve this problem?

I want clarity
And anti aliasing

There are different modes on AA

Off makes all edges crisp
On makes the crisp edges softer this can apply on textures too thats why the textures in this case looks more blurry

It moslty depends on the mode and how these modes apply filters

Learn more about AA modes here:

I don’t see a problem. If you want to easily do away with jaggies, use the game’s abilities. If you want sharp, crisp images, don’t rely on the game engine’s anti-aliasing.

If you have a dedicated graphics card with suitable memory, you will be able to take advantage of its built-in capabilities, one of which is Advanced Image Smoothing. I’m going to just call it AIS for simplicity. Right-click the NVIDIA icon and click NVIDIA Control Panel. In the 3D Settings section, click Manage 3D Settings. Have a look in here, and you’ll note there are two panels: Global Settings and Program Settings. This means you can make changes either to everything on your system, or only to individual Applications of Games, like Conan Exiles.

Default 3D settings have everything switched off, and governed by the Application’s settings. If these settings under Global are changed, such that FXAA is on, or that Antialiasing - Setting is set to a number like 2X or 4X, your 3D settings may be causing undesired effects in Conan Exiles. Furthermore, look under Program Settings to see if any rules have been set specifically governing Conan Exiles.

Professionals and people who really care about how good a game can look switch the in-game Antialiasing to off, or lower it to X2. Then they tinker with the 3D settings until they get the optimal results from Conan Exiles.

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I know the function

But if I want to play another game, I need to change it back

A bit of trouble.

How to solve the problem in the game??

That’s why you use “Program Settings,” and make the changes only to Conan Exiles. :slight_smile:

Simply switch to different types of AA, and go with what you like

You probably can’t have the sharp textures and no crisp edges at the same time, I never tested this in Conan since I personally like the highest settings with no crisp looks at all.

It’s a pretty well known thing that most systems portrait the game much better with anti aliasing either off or on low.

Something about the AA in this game is really off and has been for a long time. The higher you put the AA the worse it seems to get. There are some people whose systems arent affected as much, I have seen people who say it’s better for them when they have AA turned up, but be careful to listen to these people as when it comes to AA in conan one size really does not fit all. You will find a big chunk of the player base that gets much better performance and better sharper looking graphics with AA either turned way down or turned off entirely. I am one of those who gets a much sharper image from having it set to the lowest option. I would take some rough edges and a sharper image over a blurry haze any day… but thats just me :man_shrugging: .

In your case having AA turned off looks much sharper and clearer to me. Can I ask in the image with it turned on what level of AA did you set it to? as you might find a happy medium by not turning it off entirely but just having it on very low AA.

EDIT: something else the AA also seems to do and it is evident in your pictures, is make the bloom and lighting effects go kind of wack, I notice the lighting and detail is much more pleasing in the image with AA off, and in the one with AA on it look kind of washed out and overly bloomed.

X6 :face_with_thermometer: