Ultra graphics settings

Why do you have Ultra set to make the game look worse?

AA at 2 looks better than AA at 6, post proccessing seems to do nothing but make the game run worse (and looks worse for many others too).

Most gamers with good rigs will try set a game to Ultra and complain because the game looks bad, if you know gamers do this why not make “ultra” give the best looking version of the game and not just cap everything.

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I feel like there might be something off about your card, as Ultra and 6x does nothing but improve the quality for me.

It makes the game more blurred, anti aliasing = more blurry and post processing adds blur and depth of field blur.

Sharpest version of the game is everything on ultra except AA which set to 2 and post processing on low.

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Duuuude… Spindle… THANK YOU SO MUCH for this revalation!!! I’ve been wondering why my graphics have been so muddy and watery looking. Now I know!!

I might be in the minority here, but I DESPISE crap like depth of field, motion and radial blur. If I wanted muddy graphics I’d set stuff on low, thanks. Now I understand some of the reason for this silly crap is to help performance… But I didn’t shell out the cash for a 1080Ti so I could have watery graphics. I bet I can run the sharp looks just fine.

I really can’t appreciate you more right now, Spindle… Except for your awesome mods!!