Dull Graphics on Ultra Setting

I am having issues where the graphics are very dull and blurry, even on Ultra settings.

I played during the beta (but not during the last 6 months), but I don’t recall the game ever looking this bad?

Did something change the last few months where graphics just look really bad, even on Ultra?

I’m not having this issue with ULTRA settings or any other. Graphics look great. I’m not sure how to help…this may be a perspective thing…they look good to some but not others…Unless you are saying they look terrible in which case you may have a hardware issue.

I turned my post processing down as low as it would go. This helped a bit. Others have suggested it has to do with AA being turned to max too, but lowering that didn’t work for me.

I know what you mean though, the whole game looks blurry and like I’m seeing it through a haze. Didn’t use to be this way either, so I’m not sure what changed. When they updated the combat system it started doing this to me.

I did try turning AA down in the settings, but didn’t really seem to do much.

How/where do you turn down post processing?

The same spot, it’s one of the graphics options. Maybe second or third on the list.

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