[SUGGESTION] Add TXAA anti-aliasing and x16 AF to the game

Hello. As i mentioned in my guide here [GUIDE] Inproving CE graphics (new effects and techs) - #2 by Zaphod
the game dont have x16 anisotropic filtering (only x8 on ultra quality preset by defauld settings) and game uses old blurry x2\4\6 AA that looks bad. But UE4 can run TXAA, and it can be easily implemented (see in guide how to do it).

So, devs can add both of this options by default. It wont cause any problems and will be easy uptade to CE graphics.
For example devs can add those options to ULTRA quality preset, so ppl with good PCs can feel the difference and it wont affect anyone, who play on onther settings.

Also they can enable Distance Field ambient Occlusion that disabled in game for no reason. With this option game looks better, and it wont cost much FPS.

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Wouldn’t it be better to upgrade Unreal Engine first to make use of the latest lighting techniques?

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that too, agreed. But mu suggestion only reques changes in inis

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