Turn off "quick look / Hold for more options" pop up

TBH, not much bothers me about this game. Contrary to a few forum members, I’ve continued to enjoy every change and aspect of the game. Of all the stuff in this game that people complain about and adore, the ONLY thing…serisouly, I mean the only thing that still bothers ME in the game “quick-look” pop up. Nothing is more distracting than going around my base and having the names of everything and the contents of everything keep popping up.

This always felt to me like it was a “helper” pop-up but after 5 years — OMG is it annoying. Especially in a base with a lot of chests / wall paintings / Torches etc…I don’t need a pop up to tell me the torch on my wall is…a torch. Seriously.

Can we please get an option to turn that garbage off? It’s so unneccessary for anyone beyond a month playing and with all the beauty and design work in making such nice looking items in the game, you can’t even enjoy the view sometimes because…well a pop-up lauches to tell you it’s a wall or a chest etc. Well no sh#$ !

I know some people like the ability of the quick look, but there has got to be a fast number of players that are annoyed by it’s contant pop up. Especially on things like wall / floor paints…Those shouldn’t even be moveable IMHO once they’re down.

I can’t be the only one that this just completely annoys.


I have often thought the popup for the items that are purely decorative needs to go. I know its a rug. I know its a plate. Maybe our character has dementia and outs notes on everything…


It should maybe only ever appear with the construction hammer out. But yeah it kind of ruins the immersion.


For real. I’ve asked for this before with some support on the Forums, but i̶t̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶m̶s̶ FC have bigger priorities.


To be fair… do you honestly think this issue is a bigger one than most others?

Been wanting this for years. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I totally agree with this point.
The contextual window pursues the pleasure of admiring our decorative works.
Without being a progamateur (so I would be careful not to advise it) I subjection (maybe wrongly) that these contextual pop ups add unnecessarily of the resource and therefore (maybe?) Inform the performance of the games, an option allows you to remove that it would be welcome

Honestly? No.

Case in point, I didn’t mean it quite like it came across :man_shrugging: , buuuuuuut. Surely it can’t be that hard right?

I don’t believe so, but that’s if you just turn it off outright. Ideally you’d want to have some means of seeing what you’re looking at.

For example, I do rename storage and other things based on what I use them for. If they just turned off the ability to see the popup, that would take away from what I actually use it for. Which I don’t really want.

So I’d prefer if the system worked contextually so that rugs and tables and chairs and whatnot aren’t showing their names, but I can still see storage, crafting stations and other useable things. And that takes a bit more effort.

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I agree, and I believe quick loot causes lag on bases with many containers nearby.

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Do you really think stamina was a huge issue in Age of Sorcery? No? So why did Funcom change it?

Because the devs finally played their game, and they decided that they should change stuff because they were struggling when the game was already easy XD

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This is not a stamina thread.

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No, it’s a changes thread. You can’t argue that something shouldn’t be changed simply because it’s not the number one priority right now. Primarily because the most important changes that need to happen never will. So at least allow players to express there concerns over the little things that Funcom may be competent enough to change.


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