PLEASE Give Us the Ability to Disable Quick Look

Quick look IMHO, it one of the most annoying and completely unnecessary features of Conan. Nothing is worse than walking past your vault or a room of chests etc and having your system freeze while the quick look loads the items.

This really slows down and lags gameplay.

It would be GREAT if you could put a setting for the player to disable this feature or (honestly IMHO) completely remove it from the game.

You SHOULD have to actually OPEN a chest or vault or anything for that matter to see what’s in it.

We can’t be the only clan (speaking for my clan as it drives us all nuts) that finds this feature unnecessary.


I just moved certain storage boxes and stuff to side, and not near my doorways. XD

It frustrating if its in high traffic area, thast for sure.

Its god send mechanic that I welcome 100% Older games I play… and I just can not standing having click every blasted corpse or barrel, basket and crate to see the trash loot inside.

Ever since this feature was added to games… its made it so much better. XD

Clearly you don’t have enough supplies. LOL. We don’t have anything near doors. And every time you walk past something it loads. The vaults are the worst. For me, this breaks the atmosphere. You shouldn’t be able to see through doors and walls or anything that is locked shut. This is just common sense.

In the three years I’ve been playing this game, that is literally the first time I’ve EVER heard someone say this. At least that I’ve played with. NO ONE I’ve played with likes it. Not saying that there aren’t people who do like it. I just have never met one. Well, till now.

Those buttons can be such a problem. LOL. Come on man. You’re not really saying that a feature is needed because you’re too lazy to click a button that is already in your hand. LOL

Playing back in Morrowind… and just having to click everything… is just. Boring.

Part of it is, you look over something and can clearly see whats there? why add the whole gotta click it part?

You can just RP walking up to it, and pretend your looking over it. Two World II had this, you could turn off kneeling, your character would do when checking corpses.
Some games do it ok, cause its not a loot fest, some just make it silly. (like MGS games, were you picked up and dropped a body)
Not about lazy, its about QoL. depending on game, there this pause as game loads. Its pretty silly. Specially when you waiting for game to exit as your being shot/hit at.

Its just so much faster to glance over crates/barrels/chest with how its done now. Again thou, Depends on game. Little looting? then clicking isnt to bad. When your having click thru entire locations… not so much.

My house is pretty much Cabinet near one of doors I drop everything off in, and sort later. So its empty half time… never huge deal.
Most of chests near workbenches are, tuck to side, so never really pop them up.

Storage is basicly large cabinets along a wall, So I can just walk past ends like library and look thru general area of were items are. Everything for me is pretty much sorted.

I remember when mod came out for fallout3, and everyone was rather happy and wanted this feature… and then bam fallout4 we got it. Happy happy. XD

I wouldn’t compare any of those games to Conan however, I stand by my opinion on how it is an atmosphere and immersion-breaking feature. Thus why I’d love to see it as a feature that could just be turned off in the “Game Settings.”

I’m on the remove quick look team.
While I don’t have any freeze problems I don’t really see any advantage to quick look either.

I would much rather open a container to see what’s inside.

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We are yoj?

I’d say remove it since half the time it doesn’t pop up correctly anyways for me. Asian servers are already famed for their stability.

It doesn’t even add that much convenience, the main use I get from it is being able to run past something and push F to loot all without stopping. Since it rarely works right I end up running back and forth anyway.

Keep it, add an option for those that don’t want it. Total removal is excessive. Low priority I imagine though.

2 cents given.


I am in for removal,

personally I have a sign on the wall above my chest stacks as i stack them 4 high. I label the signs, fighter thralls, crafting thralls, potions, healing, legendary weapons, legendary armor, armor. etc. You all get the idea that way I have no need to look through a bunch of chest to find what i am looking for.

I now see why this game has went down the drain. Ppl like this wanting features to be changed/removed from the game instead of it being optional thing or just adjusting. I now see where this thrall level up system BS came from as well. You’re pve, build a bigger base wity more walking room so it doesn’t bother you as much. You seriously have to be living like pack rats for this to be an issue. Get over it.

I like this feature, too. So we are at least two :slight_smile:

I’m fine with more options, I’d be pretty angry if it was removed. I picture back npcs that die, and you need loot them quickly, before next one hits you. And risk backing up or turning camera away. (which can lead to corpse falling below ground)

More i think of it…more QoL it is. XD

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