Very important suggestion about building

Firstly = i absolutely & truly love your game and everything about it, i have lots of ideas, but honestly you all are doing an AMAZING job as is and would never ask a team to cater to everyone and every idea as it takes away from the magic you have already delivered to us, but with that said…

Please for not only my sake, but countless other players = add / implement a feature to lock objects / buildings / etc… Not from opening or closing, but to keep them in place and unable to be deleted / dismantled unless that object is unlocked again. I can’t count how many times myself or countless other players / team mates have accidently dismantled something of great importance & great material cost or an object that will never be able to be placed down again in that position due to the building zones and restrictions.

I understand to be cautious / careful when interacting with objects and we often are, but when interacting with objects near to others say a torch or storage box = it can accidently grab say your animal pen or entire map room instead and with slip of attention or a button, something built from long hard work can be gone in an instant.

I am very aware biw, but newer players and some long time ones consistently do this by accident and it is very frustrating and disheartening to experience. All could be fixed with an option in the interactive wheel to lock said object in place and avoid this all together = i know i am definitely not alone and have witnessed many players quit do to these tragic accidents and not to mention clan members being kicked from the same example.
Also if someone is a Clan leader, having the option to do this will also keep bitter or vindictive clan members from deleting objects in a form of lashing back before possibly being kicked or from feeling wronged in any way and go the route of mislead revenge (not 100% sure this is possible or stating as experienced)

Please if you truly are reading these and listening to the community, can you please find a way to implement this into game as it would save immeasurable grief and disappointment from a very minor feature that would have extreme value to avoid in the future for all.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and most importantly = Thank you for Conan Exiles :smiley:

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