[Tweaked] Yog works in mysterious ways! RPVP!


Started 01/08 New Players Welcome!

Come one, come all! All bow before Yog and worship at his shrine!
Welcome to our server!
We run 4 mods: Pippi, Age of Calamitous, Immersive NPC Loot System and Immersive Salvaging and Smelting.
With 3 admins and a small multi time zone player base we are looking to expand to include like minded PVPRPers to come and have some fun, and enjoy the game without harassment and toxicity.
We have a Discord Here: https://discord.gg/fE5RvG5,
This includes a channel for suggestions, admin approach, mediation, clan space and server info including the mod launch list as well as up coming events and general chatter! So feel free to jump on and have a chat to the guys and gals that make up our population!

The settings have been tweaked, it’s no easy climb to max level, the grind is there but eases up the higher you get, and isn’t too ridiculous as you get to the higher tiers of equipment and ability, but you also won’t spend your first hour grinding for basic resources before you can get in and begin the game.

Basic Rates:
XP 3.5
Harvest 5
Food .1
Water .1

Check out /kits once you get on, and make your way within our rich land, where all can be had, if it’s worth the price!