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I have to assume the Twitch Link on the Main Menu works for most people, but I get nothing from it when I click on it. 2.4.4 dropped today and I went to Twitch to get my drops, but I have no idea if my account is linked or not.

UPDATE: If you are having this issue, I discovered that I needed to have my Steam Overlay enabled in the Steam Settings. Once enabled I was able to interact with the link on the main menu of Conan Exiles and it opened a window to enable the link.

Hope it helps.


Same issue. I do have Steam Overlay enabled but still nothing. I also checked my AV but if it is blocking a popup window, I can’t find where to disable that for the game.

Do you have a ReShade mod installed by any chance?

Nope, no mods.

Is the Steam Overlay at least popping up, or is it not opening at all in Conan Exiles despite it being enabled within Steam itself?

Hmm no. It’s also not working in game to take a screenshot.

Hmm, is it working in other games?


Hm. My first guess is that there must be something external to the game (but related to it) that you somehow have installed, which is interfering with the overlay. That’s why I ask about ReShade (or SweetFX) since I believe they’re not technically mods per se, but rather a pack of .dll and other filetypes that affect the game in other ways. Do you have anything like that running?

Under Mods on the Main Menu, Selected Mods has nothing (can’t upload the screenshot). I can do a search for the other files/apps you mentioned, give me a min.

The kind of thing I’m talking about wouldn’t show up under Mods in the game. Let’s move to DMs so we’re not clogging up a solved help topic, as this issue may be specific to your setup.

thank you very much! I also had this problem and I managed to solve it with your update! :smiley:

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