Twitch Shot Bug

I have a bug in stalker trials. If I use my twitch shot (bug is same for Selma and Bormin) for the first time it works. Then I let it revive and then I use it again on the same person. It doesn’t work they only shoot once. I have a 100% twitch shot (high ground bonus) but still they only shoot once. Not even the animation shows two shots. Anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.

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Same with Farrows gunslinger

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Thanks for the report :slight_smile: I will send it back to the team.

Any update on this? I’m having this bug in both single player and Stalker Trials.

I’ve beaten the single player game and gotten all of the achievements so I’m now working on Stalker Trials. Without being able to rely on using this ability I’m feeling like I don’t want to keep playing. It’s too frustrating to have a run perfectly laid out with 100% shot percentages and correct math fail due to this bug.

Edit: Just wanted to comment, aside from this bug this game has been exceptional and I’ve LOVED it. Well done!