Bug feedback and change recommendations

First bug is the moth wings, using Dux or Farrow, and in cover regardless of the cover being low or high, every now and then the game will bug out and using moth wings at any height will cause the character to just float a few inches off the floor, the increase hit chance is also nullified and I am left with a fluttering character.
Second bug is that of the Ancient City, there is a ladder that you can climb inside a store, once you do this the game bugs out and you lose all ability to interface with the hide option on the wall, picking up scrap, and if you fall downstairs, to reinterface with the ladder to climb up.

Last issue is the store, we need a sell option.

More bugs found.

  1. Blue screening during fast traveling via map, this happens occasionally.
  2. When engaging with Iridia at her shop, she normally had some prescripted speech prepared, also occasionally the game will bug her speech and she will sit there in silence, this causing all interfacing capabilities to cease, you are now stuck on a screen with Iridia, menu is not operational and you have no choice but to reboot the application. I also waited a full 5 minutes thinking it was a rendering or buffer issue but that was not the case at 5 minutes.

Will report more bugs when I come across them.

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The coding for twitch shot needs to be looked at. Fired two on a shot and the second shot always misses, I am not joking around it ALWAYS misses, spent 1 full hour trying to figure out different combinations to make a second hit and I even tested it at a higher elevation when the shot was at 100% only the first will hit, second one just flies away into out space like my character was trying to shoot down a darn UFO…

Another bug that needs fixing is the stealth approach. This game awards stealth attacks with a higher crit chance, but what happens when an opponent is knocked out, it usually means he is out cold, but when coming from stealth to gain ground on a koed opponent leads to me being spotted by someone who obviously is out cold. This ruins the immersive aspect of stealth. Literally.

Another bug that is an annoyance is the mutations that involve sneak and cameleon, this ties into the previous post about enemies able to see you in stealth, via knocking out one opponent, and testing sneak prior to and after knocking out a single opponent, sneaking to cover to close the distance between the knocked out opponent and his partner still holds the same percentages. Let alone the fact that when sneaking past a knocked out opponent, your stealthy character is now spotted wasting your attempt to sneak.This also happens during the use of chameleon. Activating chameleon and sneaking past a knocked out enemy still causes you to be spotted. This ruins the stealth mechanics put in place to allow immersion into ambushing and stealth tactics void.

When you say you tested for an hour, were you just reloading the same save over and over again?

Some tests used the reload, but with each reload I moved to a new location, switched weapons etc, literally did everything to change the probability of the miss to a hit. One thing I have noticed is there are occassions that I can get it to work, but the weapons that it works with are the silent pistol and mimir needlegun, seems that the chances are higher when trying different locations, points of view, line of sight changes, distancing and calibration of lomg, close and melee distance [one block away literally in their face], I have tried it on knocked out opponents, from higher ground which should give you an advantage and at a 100% hit rate, the silent weapons with 2 shots hit, I will admit that changed my mind, but! when using the larger caliber weapons such as the rambino, gaper, boomstick, Elysium and PC138, even at the provided 100% hit rate, out of 15 tries -> using the 5 weapons mentioned and changing to 3 different rooftop locations (test area: metal fields) I have been able to get 3 of these tests to hit, it is understandable that the close range weapons such as the PC, boomstick and gaper will have a higher chance of a miss but using Selma, and using the tendon passive perk for leaping above the enemy for high ground advantages before using twitch usually an approximate 2 to 3 blocks away, granting a full 100% Seldomly does the second shot hit. And during my trials, I notice that during the twitch shot animation, the screen runs at low frames and the second shot is fired when the weapon is already in the air causing the animated shot to fly clear into space. This concerns whether the engine responded to the second shot as not able to hit, since the weapon is now aimed on the sky during the second shot, thus causing frequent missed shots.

In general, the game does not recalculate the random seed when you reload. That means you’ll get the same result as you had when you last loaded it. I did a lot of experiments trying to figure out exactly how they’d implemented it. I found that moving, switching characters and taking actions did NOT create a new seed.

However, I think the seed is based on a low granularity reading of the time. I found if I reloaded a save over and over to test, it would always do the same thing. Reload the same save an hour later and it wouldn’t.

Trust me on this Jep, I have tried just about everything in order to ascertain that final hit.

So basically, I have also left the instance and returned to test it out, this was done via traveling manually and fast traveling to the Ark, which will sometimes blue screen. So what your telling me is to do trials every hour for the number generated seed to reset and provide a different numeric approximation that is appropriate.

I will tell you that I think doing two trial close together will result in the same outcome, no matter what actions you do barring having another squad member(s) fire first. But I found that that didn’t remain true after a certain length of time. It would be 100% reproducible for 10s of minutes, then suddenly not. And I knew I was doing the same thing because I was writing up the results as I went.

But it’s impossible to know without further testing if the seed is based on the date+time or just the time. Or even just the hour or the hour + the tens of minutes, etc.

Truth be told, and I just want to tell you thanks for providing me more information and good information, information that will prevent me from wasting anymore time on trying to create scenarios that will produce results. You get a plus one in my books and keep in contact if you have found anything new on the number generation. This has piqued my interest because I also hit the same obstruction playing XCOM and XCOM II…

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You’re very welcome.

XCOM and XCOM 2 both use pre-generated seeds that NEVER reset upon loading. However, the Enemy Within expansion for the first game added a “Save Scum” option that would reset the seed upon every save game load. By default that option is off.

However, XCOM is really thorough about any little change you make re-generating the random seed. So if you take one step to the left and take the new shot: new random number. So even if the original hit % didn’t change, you might make a shot you didn’t before, or vice versa. Same with popping an action or moving another unit, etc.

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That was exactly what I noticed which was why I would assume both is tried different changes to gain a positive result, but to our dismay this game does not run on the same number generation…

I honestly think this form of locked number generation is made to prevent people fr cheesing the iron mutant mode, which is supposed to bring a real challenge to a game that is already difficult on very hard, even for me who has played both xcoms and expansions and has played every difficulty. It just seems like a way to keep people who have bad luck from attempting the hardest version of gameplay without procurring a four leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot and a monkey’s paw hahaha

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All jokes aside. I really enjoy this game and it’s my second play through, and honestly this game is a breathe of fresh air from XCOM , thus everything I have posted is in hopes to help improve the game for others like ourselves who enjoy games like this and a rough gem to be exact.

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Same here. Love the seamless combination of the exploration and tactical mode. That in and of itself is just amazing and unheard of in these type of games. It has it’s flaws and you get what you pay for in terms of game length. But it really is something that I’m enjoying immensely.

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