Bugs that haven't been addressed

So I made a post previously about the Chem flares being despawned when loading a save with them on the ground that seemed to get ignored, which is fine I guess because that bug is minor.
However I am constantly finding myself running into a bug where Twitch shot only fires and uses one bullet, but goes on cooldown.

This bug is far from minor and in casual runs on Iron Mutant or runs for routing and speedrunning this bug showing it’s ugly head can kill entire games.

I’d give up, for whatever reason it seems this game has been abandoned. Some kind of developer response would go a long way but their twitter feed is just a stream of self-congratulatory posts.

The typical reason is because they ran out of budget. Unless a game is a wild seller (and sometimes even then, if it’s taking a lot of support to fix launch bugs), they move on to the next game to pay the bills.

I tweeted them about the twitch shot bug, apparently they mentioned it to their technical team or something.
Not sure if anything will come from it but we’ll see.

I have come to the conclusion that if Bormin misses the first shot he isnt going to shot the other shot. He should fire the second shot aswell regardless if it is a hit or miss.

Edit: I take it back. It is broken. Got a hit with full ammo and the second shot didnt go off. Sad. You have to play around it which sucks.