Two thralls beyond reach. Perhaps fell through map geometry? (nope, probably just fell through foundation)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official server #1746 PvE -
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

2 Thralls beyond reach.

Bug Reproduction:


Upon noticing two thralls were missing from my base, I engaged their waypoint indicators. Though not very far from my base, the indicated point is devoid of their presence.
Prior to this, I had quit the server for a break as I and others playing were experiencing the bug where we fall through our structures. Simultaneously, a whitewalker was in my base, but sunken in the floor and my many thralls’ attacks were not affecting it.
I’m guess the two missing thralls are below the map geometry as I’ve experiencing a similar situation in my single player game. However, there seems to be no admin/moderator to contact on this server.

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Você joga solo em seu clã? Se não joga é provável que outro membro alterou o local fixo do seguidor!

Mais uma coisa, quando um seguidor estiver em sua base porém não conseguir ver ele no local onde estava fixado é fácil resolver…

:stuck_out_tongue: Para resolver esse problema basta sair do servidor aguardar 1 minuto e retornar, se isso não funcionar você terá que resgatar seu seguidor, porém recomendo que tente fazer isso antes de sair pois existe um pequeno BUG que fará você ter que esperar por alguns minutos. “Lembrando que tudo e todos os itens que ele estiver usando não serão resgatados, ele virá sem nada”

Dica: Nuca deixe os seguidores com equipamentos parados na base, assim evita alguns problemas :relieved:

I wish to avoid losing their armor and inventory. I am solo, being a member of no clan.

I got real bad news for you, that is your option.

Go far away from the area the thralls are indicated, if that is your base go far away from the base.
Out of render distance.
Stay away for 15 minutes, then go back.

You could also try logging out for 15 minutes then log in and run back.
If you’re on a server where other players could harm your character you could build a small temporary hut to log out in.

If the thralls are not back after doing these things.

Then the only other option is to rescue them, and lose whatever gear they have.

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Ok, thanks for your replies. It seems Rescue is the only option.
It totally sucks there fails to be someone who can go into admin mode and help out with things like this.

Admin mode as it is doesn’t help to “rescue” Followers belonging to other players. I used to run a private server but couldn’t interact with them in any way.

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I have this problem a lot,please make recovering thralls free! I even had one when recovering went back to its spot under the map.gets old having to re kit thralls every time i log on,on officials anyhow.

If you were running the mod “pippi” you could ask all your players to make a clan, even if playing solo.

You could then use pippi to enter and exit their clan.

This would allow you the admin, to interact with thralls while in that players clan.


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