Typo in settings>gameplay>biography sharing

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE ]
Region: [US]
Mods?: [Yes]

Bug Description:

Biography sharing option “Share with eveyone” has a typo.

Expected Behavior:

Should be ‘everyone’.

Installed Mods:

|Valhalla Archery|1707104112|
|Martial Combat|2014772284|
|Tier 4 Thralls - Mild Increased Spawn|1467634310|
|Stacksize Plus|1396310739|
|Barbarian Barber|2050780234|
|Akuba’s Salon|1938818750|
|RA: Character Customisation|1542041983|
|Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded|1629644846|
|Age of Calamitous|1113901982|
|Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Smooth Leveling Add-on|2447889148|
|Glass Constructions|901911361|
|Classical Architecture|2210398281|
|Lemurian Architect|1411872074|
|Immersive Armor|1966733568|
|Javelin Improved|1701136207|
|Deco & Placeables|1414531358|
|Dude’s Delightful Decorations|1934607107|
|Dark Desires|2044951332|
|Improved Quality of Life|2275543723|
|Pythagoras Support Beams|1382183303|
|LBPR - Additional Features|1444947329|
|LBPR: Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix|1666355337|
|Less Building Placement Restrictions|1369743238|
|Expanded Map - Curse Wall Removal (aoc compat)|2436741811|

Steps to Reproduce:

Log into game.
ESC> Settings> Gameplay
Scroll down to biography sharing
observe typo in ‘eveyone’ option.

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