U.S. Digital copy and DLC and Uk Disc?

I bought digital download and the dlc but i want to use my UK version disc is there a way to do this?

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What system? I know playstation has different stores for their purchases but Im not sure if the disc are region locked anymore. They used to be.


My best guess you won’t be able to use both together because of nudity settings hopefully I am wrong :sweat_smile:

PS4 is not region locked. That ended with PS3.


Lol. Back in my day…

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It’s ps5. I can’t use any of my digital content with the uk disc thats ridiculous when im playing as the same user

Thats the point to be free and nude :laughing:

The PS4 may not be region locked, but the PS store is.
For example, if one has purchased DLC on the North America region, it will not work with a Euro physical disc. While not region locked, they are different versions of the game.

This one discovered this after acquiring a Day-One copy only to discover it was EU. Very unfortunate…

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They won’t fix this?

I doubt it. It would mean trivial switching between languages. There is no such hybrid list.

The battle pass crosses both so i don’t see why it shouldn’t

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That is a question for Sony.
Due to censorship laws in the increasingly puritanical U.S., this one doubts very much that it will ever be changed.
In some places the Michaelangelo statue “David” is classed as prawn-graphs. They definitely won’t be enthused about digital reproductive bits, this, to avoid hear from the government gang, Sony must toe the line.

I did this… I can definitively say your dlc for the US version will NOT work. You must rebuy all dlc. However, your server will still be in tact with full nudity (you must adjust it in settings) and you can play your same character. All battle pass, bazaar items, and Crom coins will transfer over no problem. This is all assuming you play on your NA account. UK dlc must be bought on the UK store though (yes, ALL… including siptah), but will work on the NA account once downloaded.


Btw, one more follow-up to the previous post I made… if you want to buy more Crom coins, you MUST purchase them via the NA version of the game or you will not have them accessible on your NA account. So, don’t get rid of the NA copy. Log into the original NA copy, make your purchases, then switch back to the UK copy and you’ll see them still there. This is because the in-game Crom coin purchase links are tied to the UK store and will give you an error if you access it via a NA account. As I mentioned previously, all Crom coins, Bazaar, and BP items are tied to your PSN, NOT the game region. Only the actual dlc is tied to the game’s region and must be purchased with a UK account, which will be playable on your NA account, so long as you don’t remove the UK account from your PlayStation. Hopefully that all makes sense.

Amazing thanks for the info. It sucks because I can’t buy siptah or the dlc for the uk version because NA doesn’t have access to the Uk store😕

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I find that odd because I thought it was only an erect penis you couldn’t show in the US

It’s actually pretty easy. Make a UK account on your PlayStation with an alt email. Use a site like PlayAsia to buy a digital UK psn code. Buy what you need on the UK store, download it, then switch back to the NA account. You can use any dlc or game on any PlayStation account, regardless of region, so long as you keep that account on your PlayStation. I have games from the Hong Kong store I play on my NA account. I have all of the UK Conan dlc, as well as the NA dlc.

This is pretty much true. Though it’s likely due to female nudity. This is a long standing rule that goes back to cinema as well. You’ll notice that full frontal female nudity is also less common in film. The rule usually refers to sexual arousal as you mentioned. It’s pretty much how you can tell if something is meant to be “pornographic” or not. This is the rules that the film rating systems go by. When it comes to males, it’s pretty obvious: erection = arousal. With females, it’s less obvious. There’s very little changes between arousal and non-arousal. So the idea is that showing a full frontal naked female can be a very gray area and is often cut out to avoid getting a harsher rating. When it comes to video game ratings, they’re a lot more strict because many game developers want to avoid the AO rating, since it’s basically a death wish for games. Also, no consoles will allow AO games on their systems. Now the difference between regions is likely because places like the EU and UK have different views on nudity. They can probably avoid an AO likely by saying it’s not “pornographic” and calling it a day. In the NA version, it’s much harder to state that that difference in opinion and can run the risk of receiving an AO rating from the ESRB. To avoid that, they just remove the nudity since it’s a point of contention. Likely Funcom self-censored the game knowing full well this was a big likelihood and, rather than potentially fighting for the MA rating, they figured they’d avoid the headache, paperwork, and drama altogether. On PC, it’s much easier to get away with all this since platforms like Steam are less strict than consoles. Obviously they didn’t receive an AO from the ESRB on PC, but again, it’s likely that the censorship on NA consoles was due to avoiding drama. You can imagine the talk they’d get for having full female and male nudity on console.

TLDR: it’s less about the male nudity and likely more about the female nudity.

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You learn to live with it. I have digital and keep the UK disc in the PS5 drive. Most of the time I play on the disc, but if I need to access some DLC material I’ll play the US version. It’s why it shows only 1900 hours on the US version. In total, I have around 5000 hours in the game.

I really am not a fan of Siptah, so that doesn’t come into play. I transferred characters over back when we could, so I learned all the recipes and gathered enough Eldarium to take advantage in the Exile lands.

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Thats amazing i will try this. I have an alt UK account but couldn’t buy anything from the store with my US credit card.:expressionless:

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People were stupid to vote for “net neutrality”. That is where censorship from seemingly nothing related came out and decided to use invasive software. ISPs were inserting their presence into it’s clients network. The ISPs traded user information among each other outside of the client’s network. Even I got POP UP notices in my browser that were direct messages from one of these ISPs (like IETF). The notice warned about content and suspensions. Eventually, net neutrality got chopped in the U.S. and the pop ups stopped.

That was punishment for being overly censored. China is experiencing this punishment now.

I had to shut down some of the random channels I listened to for the latest trends, uncensored. I think we are on the same page here about this hybrid english-uk how-to. I mean look how it affects these distributions. Like :poop: