Uber truncheon?

Where or how do I get the "one hit"Uber truncheon? I don’t know it’s real name.

This one?

If so, it’s a random legendary drop from boss chests (opening one requires a Skeleton Key, consumed on use).

Thanks. Mikey. Any idea on the area it is to be found?

It can be randomly found in any legendary chest. To the best of my knowledge, there’s no area (or chest) that has a higher chance to generate a particular legendary weapon than any other. Nor is any particular legendary more likely to appear than any other.

So it’s basically a “world epic” to use World of Warcraft terminology, albeit only lootable from legendary chests. In a nutshell… farm 'till it drops. Or you drop. Or both. You could also try to trade for it, if your server does that, but I imagine you’d have to have something seriously tasty to trade with.

Thanks again

Please note, they can only be repaired with a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit, see the page linked on why I mention this.

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Thanks. I think I have some repair kits from the Halloween event. :+1::+1:

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The Lovetap is not a one hit truncheon, even with a concussion kit (unless you are using it on T1 thralls). In fact, I find the steel truncheon with the kit better than the Lovetap. I have a couple Lovetaps and don’t even use them.

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I’m with Alvega here. It’s not a one-hit wonder. I don’t use it unless I feel like knocking out someone ‘mace’ style. It would be nice (hint, hint Funcom) if it did knock out folks with one swipe.

Is it much better than the steel truncheon?

Thanks for the reply

Also, please note that it does kill on occasion. I have the ‘Lovetap’ and I unintentionally killed a thrall with it. That was some time ago though.

Same with a player on my private server, that’s why he does not use Lovetap anymore…

Would be way OP. Once someone is knocked out you can kill them at your leisure. Not that NPCs are much of a challenge at level 60 anyway though.

No, the steel truncheon with the blunt kit and the first Strength perk makes it a breeze to knock any NPC out (usually before the sluggish AI even has them react). Official server settings.

Basically, go get it if you want it and think it’s cool or for completion’s sake, but it’s not worth farming for its effect.

I disagree about Lovetap. The attack animation is MANY times better than the Truncheon and it has a knockdown. It’s vastly superior imo! :slight_smile: I use it, and my thrall uses one, too!

Well I’d say that all lumps into the “if you think it’s cool” category, which is of course perfectly fine - it’s all about having fun after all!

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