How good is the tigers truncheon?

just wondering if its better than the heavy weight truncheon?

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Just bought one and put a kit on it, so I’ll edit as soon as I know.

Edit: About the same, might be better. Heavy attacks are a bit funky.

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in siptah the reinforced truncheon does not work on black corsairs. lol.


I’m a bit on the ropes with it. I don’t consider it a real truncheon. It what you get if the truncheon and one handed axe had a baby. A truncheon with axe animation.:joy:


So like Lovetap in that regard?


Iv never used the love tap. Does that also have the axe animation?

it uses the mace animation, both of them, pretty confident it does not use the 1h Axe animations.


Well both the axe and the mace heavy attacks look similar to me so maybe it is the mace. I just hate that jump swing at the beginning of the heavy attack I just prefer the regular truncheon heavy attack.

I love the uppercut swing on the love trap sending a thrall flying…

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Can it be used on horseback since the animation is not truncheon but mace?

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Exactly. It’s, basically, Lovetap reskinned. Shield smash is always a winner in a truncheon.

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does it have the same stats? some peopel reports is better than love tap.,

The steel truncheon does the job just fine. Event vendor should’ve sold the recipe to make it worth the trouble.

I do not know for certain. I know it can knock folks out very quickly, but, I beleive, Lovetap still has the advantage in range.

1h-mace animation, better be used with a shield for better combo routes.
Thralls don’t know how to use it, got confused very often.
Efficiency feels the same as Szeth’s Truncheon, a tiny bit stronger than a good steel truncheon which in most cases you can’t tell the difference.


I havent been able to knock anything down with it

I’ve compared it to the Lovetap on siptah where npcs are far more tanky, and it’s actually much better. easily the best truncheon in the game, aside from the coup de grace, but that’s got a very specific use. In this case where you’re knocking out no-name sorcerers and stuff, I’d highly recommend it as one of your first buys.


Lovetap is actually very poor when it comes to knockout power, or at least was the last time i checked. Better off with a steel truncheon.

I recommend the lovetap if you run Well-Trained. It’s significantly faster since it knocks out with the mace combo. However, regular steel truncheons are just fine with War Party as one thrall can back up the other, assuming you’re using them on your followers. In this case however, Tiger’s Truncheon is much better.

Lovetap is great if you just stay on horseback.

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