Why are truncheons so broken?!

Returning player on PS4 I don’t remember knocking out thralls being this infuriating, the range on the truncheon is absolutely broken and it’s impossible to land the third heavy swing because they fall back. . every . . single. . time. That’s even when I manage to get them in a stun-lock in the first place because that seems harder than ever with every NPC, with any weapon. Boy I wish I could be more explicit with how stupid this feels and makes me feel. Forgot how trash the NPCs and early levels are

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Current state of the game on PC is similar, it is very infuriating having the 3rd swing miss most of the time.

Mace move set in general since day 1 has been like this… diffidently on top of list for many to be redone. XD

Yes, instead of actually FIXING the mace moveset, they think nerfing healing is the way to go.

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All I can say here is you can land all the hits on target but you need to train a bit . If you go with a thrall then let your thrall to complete the hits and then take your turn . This way all your hits will land on target and the victim NPC will have no time for reaction . Welcome back .

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Press W constantly while smacking yer target, only way I can land the third blow

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We press either R1 for light ,or R2 for heavy , we play with controller :rofl: .

That’s why I let my thrall do the blunt trauma thing and I keep my shield up and stand off.

I tend to try and knock them into object, so they can’t back up form it. XD

Keep moving forward while you’re attacking with the truncheon and try to time your swings. Also, get a Lovetap as soon as you can and put a blunt fitting on it. It doesn’t smack 'em as hard as a good truncheon, but it’s got an an AoE move and a knockdown combo finisher – excellent for crowded situations where you would rather knock 'em all out first, and then drag whoever you want and kill the rest. Also, Lovetap can be used while mounted.

Wow I’m an idiot lol :joy: I’ve been jumping off my horse to knock out the good old beserker that’s always stalking around the water at the mounds :man_facepalming: I never even thought to use it mounted :joy:

Do a heavy - light - heavy attack combo. It will hit 99% of the time.

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The best low level knock out weapon is the Blunt Javelin. Only light attack. For the player one of the best joices.

Just use blunted javelin. I switched long ago and never regretted

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