UI looks very strange on 49 inch monitor


I have an ultrawide monitor 49 inch which is so cool to play the game but the UI in the game is not good optimized to handle this.

The bazaar looks very strange all the items are stretched.

The inventory craft and link tab are on the far sides of the screen this is almost not playable.

The map looks very strange and is on the far left side and ends halfway through the screen, while the zoom is on the right on a black background.

With a game this new and so well made I find it strange that this is not tested. But I must be the only one that has an 49 inch monitor :wink:

so how does the game look like in 49 inch

Including a screenshot would’ve probably been helpful here :smiley:
(also, as a side note… I don’t know why people get those things… it’s not like we have coin slots for eyes lol)

I did try to add screenshots but new users cant add images

Ah! Makes sense :slight_smile: it’s a silly spam protection system though, you can just open a few random topics… scroll to the end and have them open a few minutes and you’re magically a trusted user :smiley:

thanks that worked

Those look funny indeed!!! At least the regular game HUD looks okay-ish

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The game plays very well on the widescreen it’s a very immersive experience.
So love the monitor but most older games don’t support this so then I have to play them on window mode or on pbp mode.

I’m so happy with the new crafting system, in the past this was not playable on a full 49-inch screen

Possible, most people use dual monitors or their tvs.

WTF u talk about i use 49 inch aswell samsung curved ultra wide and my map is not like that but yes bazaar is not looking good

oooh, show me what your map looks like and what res you are playing the game. maybe i got the settings wrong :slight_smile:

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