UK/EU PVP Lite Server - "Britannia Exiles" - 6 months paid in advance

Hi Guys.

Been up since launch and have a pretty friendly community.

Looking to add a few new groups to keep population nice and high.

No alpha clans have emerged yet.

We run;

2x XP,
2x Harvesting,
2x Stamina,
2x Durability,
Hunger/Thirst Tweaks,
Purge/Avatars Enabled,
No Drop Items On Death*,
Building Damage On,
PvP 24/7,
10 Max Clan Size,

Long term server rental paid 6 months in advance, we intend to be around a long while.

*we will enable item dropping during “War time” during agreed times with our community, we leave it off for now so people can farm easily and get set up as its still early days.

This week we are going to build a PVP arena so we can host Player v Monster and full PVP tournaments, with prizes etc.

Come join our friendly PVP community and set up home in a private server you know will be around a long time.

See you in the wastelands hopefully.