Ulfhedinn Stay PVE-C or go PVP

So we’ve run Ulfhedinn since EA and experimented with PVE-C before it was labeled that… However, the population has dwindled from a waiting cue to log in, to a handful of folk and we’re thinking of a change. We have admin built dungeons and so forth, but with no one using them, we’re wondering if a wipe with a full on PVP might be more appropriate.

We can host up to 40 players, with 10 member limits on tribes and the server’s (a survival server) paid for through June. If we get more participation, we’ll keep it open as long as there’s interest. We are laid back admins but do have zero tolerance for hacks, blocks, and other things presented in the MotD when you log in.

I’d like to hear from the community, is a full on private PVP server needed more than a PVE-C private server with admin run dungeons? Look forward to your comments.

Already got a server but in my optics your current setup sounds more interesting by far.
I mean, it’s not like there is a lack of PVP servers out there…

I’d probably try advertising more, if you don’t do that already