Un-optimised dlc?

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: The game take 60 min to load a single-player and doesnt get more than 10fps

Its less a bug and more a compilation of issue that cause the whole game to bug out, where to start, the long loading, 60 minute at time, then the massive fps drop(most of the time very random and at the worst time/every steps), my base is defended by invisible npc(cant interact with them, even some pets). Thats just to name a few, gave up on playing today, and yes, I did tried with all mod disabled too, no improvement.

I’m also experiencing similar issues on single player. I’ve backed my save, disabled all my mods and tried to start a new game to see if the problem persists and yes, it does. I still get severe fps drops randomly that go away eventually only to come back after a few seconds. Even just idling in the game causes it. Yesterday CE ran fine and today any other game I try runs fine on my PC, so I don’t believe it’s hardware related. It’s probably due to the new DLC patch, which I have bought by the way. This whole thing made me give up on trying the new building pieces, since the game becomes a slideshow.

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The new Patch make the game unplayable. The FPS drops are massive and it does not make sence to do anything in the game right now. The Problem is on my Computer and on the Laptop of my wife. Yesterday everything works fine so I don’t think it’s hardware related.


Our group’s server is having the same issue as well with massive frame rate drops after a few minutes of play. It appears to happen faster and more frequent in areas with player-built structures, but not sure if that is indeed a contributing factor.

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not really, I went back to the spawn location(desert highway) to test and idled for a bit and it was as bad

I am afraid there will be little response until tomorrow mid day or afternoon, since EU now rests.

I’m a software developer by myself and regardless of daytime - If you release a patch for a live system and that patch is as bad as this one was, then you have to fix it or at least roll it back to prevent damage.
I’m not blaming the devs for not testing the patch. Because I know how tricky and hard to find some of that creepy lillte bugs are. But I blame them for not fixing or rolling back their release. This is not how you should treat your customers. As far as I know there wasn’t even a reaction to that problem. Only reaction I have seen was about the thralls have no items thing.

Edit: But of course - I can see your point that EU rests now.

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